Sonno Sleep Center

Follow Up Information

Follow Up Information June 13, 2024 After your studies are completed, you will be scheduled, at your convenience, for a follow-up appointment in 7-10 days. At the time of your follow-up, the test results and possible treatment options will be discussed with you in detail. Follow Up Appointments After your study or studies have […]

Daytime Sleep Studies

Daytime Sleep Studies June 13, 2024 In addition to nighttime studies, some patients require daytime testing to evaluate excessive daytime sleepiness or sleep disorders such Narcolepsy. Daytime studies are performed after previous sleep study night. We perform two different daytime tests: the Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT) and the Maintenance of Wakefulness Test (MWT). […]

Overnight Sleep Studies

Overnight Sleep Studies June 13, 2024 We perform overnight sleep studies most night of the week, and the night of your sleep study is arranged at your convenience. Please have a light dinner before reporting for your study, if you wish to bring a snack with you fell free to do so. Do not consume […]