Sonno Sleep Center

Important Information About Insurance

Sonno Sleep Centers accept patients with and without insurance. The Sonno Sleep Centers participate in most major insurance plans.

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Important Information About Insurance

Sonno Sleep Centers accept patients with and without insurance. The Sonno Sleep Centers participate in most major insurance plans. We will make all arrangements for pre-certification and insurance authorization on your behalf. 

Some general insurance guidelines for visiting a sleep specialist are below:

HMOs: Referrals are needed for all office visits with us. If your health plan is an HMO or an insurance plan that requires you to have a Primary Care Physician (PCP), regardless of who sets up the appointment, we must have a referral number from the office of your Primary Care Physician. If possible, please have your Primary Care Physician request a referral number that is good for three office visits and two diagnostic studies, instead of getting one visit approved at a time. This way, we will be better able to serve you.

PPOs: If you health plan is a PPO plan, a referral is generally not required and our office will provide all insurance verification requirements on your behalf.

Your insurance company may require a thyroid test (blood work for TSH level) prior to issuing authorizations for overnight sleep studies. If you have had any blood work done recently, please request a copy of this information from your Primary Care Physician and bring it with you to your initial office visit with us.

Need More Information ?

If you have decided you would like to schedule an appointment with us, you can have your primary doctor or you may call yourself if your insurance company does not require a referral.