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What should I not do prior to and during my study?


• Do not eat a very heavy dinner. A light dinner at your usual time is suggested.
• Do not drink caffeine containing beverages after 4 PM.
• Do not use lotions or gels on your face or skin before coming in
• Do not use gels, hairsprays, or other products on your hair before coming in. Wash your hair prior to your study. Do not wear wigs, weaves, or braids on the night of the study
• Do not alter your medications unless you have been instructed to do so by your doctor.
• Do not use your cell phone during the night for talking or texting. Turn off your cell phone when the study begins.

What are daytime sleep studies and why do I need one?


There are two different types of daytime sleep studies, the multiple sleep latency test (MSLT) and the maintenance of wakefulness test (MWT).  The MSLT consists of four or five nap opportunities, depending upon the results of the test, which occur throughout the day.  The purpose of the MSLT is to determine how sleepy you are by examining your brain activity.  The MWT also consists of four daytime tests, but the purpose of the MWT is to determine how well someone is able to stay awake.  There is always a night of sleep testing performed prior to the daytime MSLT, but the MWT may be performed without this previous night of testing.  The MSLT may be ordered when a patient is extremely sleepy during the day without any known cause or when there is a suspicion of narcolepsy, a disorder of excessive daytime sleepiness.  It is well known that persons with narcolepsy have specific patterns of sleep during the MSLT.  The MWT is performed to determine how well someone is able to stay awake during the day.

How much of the costs of a sleep study does my insurance cover?


Coverage varies from policy to policy. Most major insurance companies pay 80% of reasonable and customary charges if Sonno Sleep Center is considered “In Network” for that company. The Center is In Network for most major insurance carriers, including Medicare and Medicaid. However, you should call the customer service number on your insurance card to check the coverage for your policy.


Can someone stay with me, and how many other people may I bring?


In most cases, patients stay alone throughout the study in their own private bedroom.  The only exception to this rule are circumstances such as testing in a child, an elderly person requiring assistance, or any other patient who requires physical and/or emotional assistance.  In these cases, caretakers stay in the same bedroom, but sleep next to the patient in a separate bed.  There is no circumstance in which the patient sleeps in the same bed with another person.  The arrangements for a caretaker to stay with the patient must be made in advance of the night of the study.  We do not have sufficient space to accommodate persons who are nonessential to the evaluation.

Where do I get a CPAP machine?


In order to obtain a CPAP machine and mask, a prescription is required. You have your choice of several durable medical equipment providers in the El Paso area. Different insurance plans are accepted at different providers. In addition, Sonno Sleep Center is able to provide you with a machine, mask, and supplies depending upon your insurance carrier.

Can I leave after checking in the evening and then return when it is time for my sleep study?


Once you have reported for your nighttime appointment you should remain in the Center. Our nighttime technicians need to know that you are here so that they can plan the sequence and timing of your procedures and so that they can get start the study at the scheduled time.

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