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Our Facilities


The Sonno Sleep Center Labs


All recording and monitoring equipment is located separate from the testing bedrooms. This allows the Center to maintain quiet in the halls during sleep studies, as well as have a room where patients can have their own privacy without worrying about waking another patient.

The control room is equipped with state-of-the-art sleep recording systems that save all patient data to computers for faster analysis and diagnosis. Our well-trained and professional technicians prepare patients and monitor the sleep studies from the control room.

With superior medical and technical knowledge, our technicians are dedicated to consistently providing high quality services to the patients at a Sonno Sleep Center.


The Bedrooms


The Sonno Sleep Centers are equipped with 4 bedrooms in each location, furnished like a “real” bedroom, with soft lighting, carpet, and decorating touches, creating a relaxed and comfortable environment.

To further add to the comfort of our patients, Sonno Sleep Centers are 100% smoke-free and completely handicap accessible.

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