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I had a sleep study more than a year ago. Do I need another study?


The primary reasons that patients require additional sleep studies are significant changes in weight, the development of a major medical condition which is associated with a worsening of nighttime sleep or daytime sleepiness, or an increase in excessive daytime sleepiness for no apparent reason. If you have been treated for sleep apnea by upper airway surgery, an oral appliance, or a significant weight loss, another sleep study will determine if these treatments have been effective in improving your sleep apnea.

My appointment card says I have an office visit in the afternoon and a sleep study the same night. What do I do in between the two appointments?

If you live more than an hour or two away and do not come this way often for other reasons, we may schedule both visits in one day for your convenience. After your office visit, the building will close at 5 (five) P.M. and you need to have something planned to do until the night technician comes in at 8 (eight) P.M. There are restaurants, shopping centers, etc to visit to pass the time. Please let us know if it would be easier for you to schedule the two appointments on different days.

Will I need any blood work prior to my sleep study?


There are instances in which blood tests are necessary to evaluate medical conditions which may be affecting your sleep.  A copy of your previous laboratory results is helpful for comparison in the event that blood work is necessary.

What are the Sonno Sleep Center’s hours?


Daytime office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Sleep studies are run at night, and the building is open all week nights from 8:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. If you have a sleep study on Sunday night, you should make sure all information needed is in our office by noon on Friday, or earlier. If you are being dropped off at the Center, make sure your ride comes in with you to find out when they need to pick you up.

Why do I need a sleep study if I am planning on a gastric bypass surgery or any other major surgery?


All surgery involves risk. However, if you are overweight and have symptoms of sleep apnea, anesthesia may place you at even greater risk, particularly during recovery following surgery, when the residual effects of anesthesia may worsen any tendency to stop breathing. Therefore, it is important to know if you have sleep apnea prior to major surgery and to treat this problem with CPAP before your surgery.

Are you on the bus line?

Yes, in El Paso we are on the Sun Metro bus line. Call 915-533-3333 for schedules.

In Las Cruces we are on the RoadRUNNER Transit bus line. Call 505-541-2500 for schedules.

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